1. As we all know, ETH fees can be volatile and even extortionate. On what chain is the plug-in going to transact?

We believe ETH’s proof of stake and sharding implementations will go a long way to alleviate volatile and extortionate fees. For the time being, Solomon’s chargeback system isn’t…

The liquidity lock has The details on Unicrypt can be verified here: https://app.unicrypt.network/amm/uni-v2/pair/0xF9fDD3a82566CBaF5dD3D3094d8DD9AAA72A1C36


The new unlock date will be 12/02/2022 to allow time for further development on the project. A portion of the funds will be used to fund this extended timeline, with 65% of the original locked funds relocked…

Dear community,

This month, the main areas of work you will be able to see published include:

  • Significant work on the Main plugin product UI
  • A new prototype of the dispute evidence upload site
  • Continued smart contract work
  • Blockchain watcher contract event handling

As always, you can view the developer…

Greetings community,

This month’s development was focused around the following:

These are critical services and applications that support the core payments system. By exploring the documentation site and the links above, you can view early demos, github…

Round 2 of our presale is live until Saturday Jan. 16, 19:00 UTC. Visit sale.solomondefi.com.

2021 Roadmap

Roadmap is a projection of future achievements and subject to certain market and other risks. Reaching our hard cap or certain partnerships may accelerate the roadmap.

Q1 — Initial Launch

  • Complete Presale on 1/16/2021 (soft cap reached)
  • List on…


Decentralized Ecommerce (DeCom) for the DeFi Era.

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