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2021 Roadmap

Roadmap is a projection of future achievements and subject to certain market and other risks. Reaching our hard cap or certain partnerships may accelerate the roadmap.

Q1 — Initial Launch

  • Complete Presale on 1/16/2021 (soft cap reached)
  • List on Uniswap
  • Release third party audit
  • Work on CEX

Q2 — Business Development

  • Additional partnership with CEX
  • Additional strategic partnerships
  • Sign additional merchant customers

Q3 — Technical Release

  • Launch beta plugin
  • Open source to community
  • Initial round of testing with drop shipping company

Q4 — Maturity

  • Finalize development
  • Full marketing launch
  • Finalize dedicated gateway partnerships



Decentralized Ecommerce (DeCom) for the DeFi Era.